Xmas Cheer 2023 Date - 28/12/2023


The first golf club in Shannon was found in 1919 on Otauru Road. The club then shifted to Buckley Road in 1925 and ten years later, the club split up. Some members shifted back to Otauru Road under the name Shannon Golf Club. But the remaining members stayed at Buckley Road forming the club name - Buckley Golf Club.

​The Shannon Golf Club folded in 1938 and due to WW2, Buckley Golf Club went into recess. The club resumed operations again in 1946 and stayed on Buckley Road for a number of years.

In 1961 the farm in which Buckley Golf Club resided on, was sold. After another shift and some fundraiser efforts, Buckley Golf Course purchased 59 acres of land in Pretoria Road then an additional 45 acres adjoining in Engles Road, which is where the club is now located. In 1978, new club rooms were brought and 30 acres of land were sold; leaving Buckley Golf Club freehold.

The club is rich with history. The members are passionate about the course and the club rooms. Many hours are spent ensuring the green is in tip-top condition for all to enjoy.

The course is absolutely breathtaking on any day. We have 18 holes and some great novelty shots which are sure to keep you coming back for more. If you like the idea of being apart of a community with like-minded people and a rich history; check out our membership options and get in touch with us.

​We also have a no-need to book policy and a specific Club Day every week!